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April 26, 2010

Unleash your computer graphics talent

If you are a student looking for a small project for your Computer Graphics course, or just someone with an artistic bent looking for new venues to unleash your creative talent, I suggest you try creating new themes for Pasang Emas. The level of challenge is somewhere between designing static icons and short animations.

Pasang Emas comes with a theme named Wooden that you can use as a guide. Simply select this theme and click its path link (highlighted in the figure below). This will let you browse the directory that defines this theme.

The creative part of a theme goes into these five graphics files:
  • board.png / board.svg
  • red.png / red.svg
  • blue.png / blue.svg
  • black.png / black.svg
  • white.png / white.svg
For example, red.png of Wooden looks like this:
to define a 20-frame animation sequence.

You can also specify the following optional text files:
  • theme.prop
  • a license file
The file "theme.prop" defines several optional parameters and allows theme artists to give themselves credit and specify a license for the use of their creation. The license can be elaborated in a separate file, if necessary.

The file "theme.prop" in Wooden contains further documentation to guide theme artists.

If you have any cool theme to share, you may announce it in the comment section of this blog entry. If I like your theme, and the license permits it, I may feature it in Pasang Emas project page.

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